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Residence permit

28.11.2012 16:02 |
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Beantwortet von

Rechtsanwalt Ernesto Grueneberg, LL.M.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a Dutch woman who is living in Germany since 1.5 years. I am living with my partner.

My partner have Iranian nationality she have german residence permit for 5 years. The title of the card is family of nationals EU or in germans words: ( Aufenthaltskarte familienangehöriger EU ). They give the residence permit to my wife because i'm moved to germany and so did my partner to.

And this residence permit its for as long as we live in germany and if we leave germany it wil invalid the right of residence.
Now we are planning going to Iran for 2years and live there, but we do not want my partner lose her residence permit.
Therefore I would like to ask if you know or there is some possibility that we can do to keep the residence permit of my partner and that we do not lose the residency rights of my partner? I hoop you can help and answer my question.

Thank you.

Sehr geehrter Fragesteller,

Ihre Anfrage möchte ich Ihnen auf Grundlage der angegeben Informationen verbindlich wie folgt beantworten:

Even if you leave the country with your partner, that doesn´t mean that the residence permit ceases to exist automatically.

Even if that was true, it would be of no consequence because your partner kann receive a new residence permit when you come back. The card is only extended to demonstrate to third parties that your partner is in fact a family member of a eu-national. The right to stay in Germany doesn´t require your partner having a card.

The only consequence is that your partner won´t be able to get permanent residence status (Daueraufenthalt) after 5 years of residence, because of the interruption. One cannot avoid this consequence. The law provides an exception for absence up to year in duration (§ 4a Abs. 6 FreizüzG/EU).

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ernesto Grueneberg, LL.M.
Mitglied der Rechtsanwaltskammern Berlin & Madrid

Köthener Straße 44
10963 Berlin

Tel.: 030 577 057 75
Fax.: 030 577 057 759

Nachfrage vom Fragesteller 28.11.2012 | 17:53

Is it than no problem that we don't have a home and insurance any more in germany ?? Because for these two years, we want also to write our names out of the town hall (Abmeldung Rathaus , ausländerbehörde ) otherwise we have to keep our home and than pay also insurance . And this will cost so much for us. Or you think if we stop the insurence and give de home back doesn't need to write our name out of the ausländerbehörde (Abmeldung Rathaus , ausländerbehörde) ???
I hoop you understands my words.
Thank you.
Kind regards.

Antwort auf die Nachfrage vom Anwalt 28.11.2012 | 17:56

If you leave the country permanently and you dont have a place to live you are obligated to communicate this situation. It´s not optional.

But, as I told you before, your partner will be able to get a new residence card when you come back, assuming the familiar situation hasn´t changed.

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