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15.07.2018 14:40 |
Preis: 45,00 € |

Anwaltsrecht, Gebührenrecht

Beantwortet von

I have worked on my divorce with a lawyer for two years. The gegenseite is not open to any kind of agreement, therefore it will still be long (estimate 3 years) until there will be a divorce. So far there have been two court hearings. The judge has not made any decisions so far. Date for next court hearing is not yet set.
As part of divorce, there is still contention on
- unterhalt
- naheheliche unterhalt
- guetertrennung
- zwangsverteigerung of a house worth about 1.3M Euro

My lawyer has warned me of much higher costs than highly anticipated. Initially he had prospected a cost of 11,000 Euro. His latest total is 28,000 plus 11,000 in case of aussergesetzliche vereinbarung.

I have agreed with him a reduction to 29,000 Euro in total, but he wants to be paid immediately. I am concerned that once I pay, he will hardly put any effort in the case and any change that happens will result in more costs.

Can you please let me know at which point in time is the lawyer entitled to be paid in such case. Can they send an invoice for the full costs already three years before the case is closed?
Also, is the 11,000 Euro additional costs legitimate, given that an agreement shortens the process, eliminates work and is based on negotiation between my wife and I with little involvement from lawyer.
Finally, the lawyer is asking me to sign that I agree to the charges and to pay. Should I sign such paper?

15.07.2018 | 16:13



Hachelallee 88
75179 Pforzheim
Tel: 07231/1331993-0
Web: http://www.kanzlei-steenberg.de
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Sehr geehrter Fragesteller,

Ihre Anfrage möchte ich Ihnen auf Grundlage der angegebenen Informationen verbindlich wie folgt beantworten:

The german judicial system in germany allows the lawyers to charge so called „Vorschüsse" (Paragraf 9 RVG). Those „Vorschüsse" Must be appropriate. Regarding to the expected costs of the trial it is usual in germany to take all the expected costs in advance.

It is usual that the lawyer‘s fee depends on the amount of dispute (Paragraf 2 Absatz 1 RVG). So in some cases it can be that the occuring fees change within a trial. Depending on the information you give on your first visit a variation of more than 100% is too much.

The mentioned 11.000 EUR may be legitimate. Because if the lawyer is abled to achieve an „außergerichtliche Einigung" he earns a so called „Einigungsgebühr". Depending on the Streitwert (amount of dispute), which seems quite high, those 11.000 EUR can be legit.

But you can check it for yourself if you google „Anwaltskostenrechner" and then insert the known amount of dispute. It will calculate your costs.

You can sign the given paper. If you feel good with the lawyer. The given informations aren‘t worrying to me. But After all I don‘t know the amount of dispute which is the foundation of the invoice.

Ich hoffe, Ihre Frage verständlich beantwortet zu haben und bedanke mich für das entgegengebrachte Vertrauen. Bei Unklarheiten können Sie die kostenlose Nachfragefunktion benutzen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Rechtsanwalt Oliver Busch



Hachelallee 88
75179 Pforzheim
Tel: 07231/1331993-0
Web: http://www.kanzlei-steenberg.de
Reiserecht, Strafrecht, Zivilrecht, Medizinrecht, Versicherungsrecht
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