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Used friend

28.08.2018 17:05 |
Preis: 45,00 € |


Beantwortet von

Rechtsanwalt Michael Böhler

Sorry for writing in English.

A friend traveled with another person's semester ticket and got caught by the ticket checking.

He also had his expired and another person's expired semester ticket in the wallet which was also confiscated.

Now received a Ermittlungsverfahren letter stating the Beschuldigung as:
1. Urkundenfalshung (267 StGB) and
2. Erschleichen von Leistungen - Beforderungserschleichung in Verkehrsmitteln (265 a).

They have asked for his personal and income details.

The fine has already been paid for ticket-less travelling transport authority.

Question is:
1. What should he do next ?
2. Will the person whose ticket was used be affected ?
3. Can the person whose semester ticket was used ask the transport authority for ticket back stating that by mistake he has left the ticket at his friend's ?


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Dear Asker,

First, the Staatsanwaltschaft (prosecution authority) should be contacted. As I don`t the criminal record, the height of the penalty cam`t be predicted, so the layer has to inspect the files to be on a par with the authority.

If the person didn`t know if the ticket was to be used, there will be no consecution. The prosecution authority will have big problems to prove any participation.

The person can try to ask the ticket back but it might be better to get a new one to avoid suspicion by the transport authority. The ticket was expired anyway.

With kind regards

Michael Böhler

Nachfrage vom Fragesteller 28.08.2018 | 17:48

Thank You for the quick answer.

Regarding Question 3:

He had multiple old semester tickets (belonging to him and his friend) and a valid semester ticket (of his friend).
Will this result in any issue for any parties involved

Question 1:
My understanding is that this is a ticketless travel, so why 267 StGB has been invoked ?

Should he reply to the Ermittlungsverfahren letter directly since it asks no reasons, but just personal details or is it better to contact a lawyer immediately ?

Will this result in any permanent criminal records?

Antwort auf die Nachfrage vom Anwalt 28.08.2018 | 18:09

Dear Asker,

from here, I can't see a penalty based on Par. 267 StGB - but a final decision is impossible without having inspected the files.

It seems preferable to contact a lawyer. After inspecting the files he can negotiate with the authority.

As I don't know the possible "Criminal Past", I can't predict the height of the Penalty. If it is the first Criminal Act, there will be noch permanent record. A "polizeiliches Führungszeugnis" will be clean until a fine of three month wages (90 Tagessätze entsprechend drei Monatslöhnen).

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Michael Böhler

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