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Residence Permit issue. Clear, honest summary.

27.11.2015 17:10 |
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Beantwortet von

Rechtsanwalt Ernesto Grueneberg, LL.M.

In September applied for my 1-yr Residence permit in the US and was approved in October. During that application interview, I was given back my passport because one final document was needed, and told to mail in the passport when approved. The approval was taking MUCH longer than the given estimate, so I took my flight and planned to resolve everything by mail.

However, the Germany Consulate office is threatening to close my already approved file if they don’t receive my passport immediately to provide the Permit stamp now.

1. Is there a time limit on when the German Consulate can give a Permit stamp after the application has been approved? (esp. since I don't need it until after 90 days and the Permit itself is for a year)
2. If just go to the Ausländerbehörde here near my city, will they be able to see in their system that I was approved in the US and just give me the Permit stamp here?

OK, so it gets a bit more complicated. Now when I arrived here, I thought it would be pretty simple and easy to just send my passport through the international mail to get the Permit stamp. That did not work out well, because it is now held up in DHL/USPS and I am not getting any tracking updates on its transport despite all my phone calls. So, my passport could be lost or it may never be delivered.

3. Would this idea even work? As in, do I need to physically be in the USA to get that Permit stamp?
4. If I need to ultimately replace my passport, will I need to repeat the Permit application process or can the existing approved Residence Permit be transferred over to the new passport?

Please help. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sehr geehrter Fragesteller,

Ihre Anfrage möchte ich Ihnen auf Grundlage der angegebenen Informationen verbindlich wie folgt beantworten:

can you please tell me your citizenship?

Ich hoffe, Ihre Frage verständlich beantwortet zu haben und bedanke mich für das entgegengebrachte Vertrauen. Bei Unklarheiten können Sie die kostenlose Nachfragefunktion benutzen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Nachfrage vom Fragesteller 27.11.2015 | 21:21

...I am a US Citizen.

Please provide a clear answer/guidance to each question as I will no longer be able to clarify any information here now.


Antwort auf die Nachfrage vom Anwalt 27.11.2015 | 21:39

It should´t be an issue. As US-Citizen you are allowed to enter the country without Visa and ask and get a residence Permit without prior Visa. You can still apply for the residence permit here.

I do not doubt that you can get your residence permit by asking for it on the local Ausländerbehörde after your register (Anmeldung). Even without the visa it won´t a problem.

The fact that you need a new passport does´t mean you need to apply again, it can be issued on the new passport.

If you were in need of a visa prior to get your residence permit or you are content with a visa for a year for instance, then you need to go there and get it personally because the law requires you to enter the country with the appropriate visa. So stated in Par.5.2 AufenthG:

(2) The granting of a residence permit, a settlement permit or an EU long-term residence permit further presupposes that the foreigner

1. has entered the country with the necessary visa and

2. has already furnished the key information required for granting the title in his or her visa application.

I hope I cleared the situation for you. Any further clarification please via E-Mail, since as you already noted there is no opportunity for that here now.

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