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German Passport Conditions

10.11.2017 14:53 |
Preis: 25,00 € |


Beantwortet von

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a "Niederlassungserlaubnis" since 2013. Last june I got a one-year job in Zürich/Switzerland and I have been there since then. I kept my flat in Dortmund/Germany and I am subletting it out till I come back. I would like to apply for the German passport since I stayed and paid taxes for 8 years as required and I am having the Einbürgerung test next week. My questions are as follows:
1) What happens if I loose the flat (have to sign out of the city)?
2) Next month I will be 6 months out of Germany, how do I work around the rules to keep my Niederlassungserlaubnis?
3) My current income is not from Germany, how does this affect my application?

Thanks a lot.

14.11.2017 | 09:32



Zweinaundorferstrasse 1
04318 Leipzig
Tel: 015731344210
Tel: 034197475372
Web: http://www.kanzlei-vicky-neubert.de
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Dear questioner,

I would like to answer your question bindingly on the basis of the information provided as follows:

A person is entitled to German citizenship if he fulfills the following conditions:
• an unlimited right of residence in Germany
• The person has been habitually and lawfully living in Germany for at least eight years
• Financial protection of one's own person and family members without social assistance and unemployment benefits
• sufficient knowledge of German
• Passed naturalization test on the German legal and social order
• not convicted of a criminal offense
• You are committed to the German constitution
• You have lost your old citizenship or give it up
The applicant can prove his language skills in the following ways:
• Successful participation in a language course as part of the integration course
• The certificate German or other language diplomas
• Successful at least four-year visit to a German-language school
• A successful secondary school or secondary school diploma
Proof of transfer to the tenth grade of a secondary German-language school
• Completed German vocational training
• Completed studies at a German-speaking (Fach-) Hochschule.

To 1)
You need a place of residence in Germany, you must be registered here.

To 2)
According to § 51 (1) of the AufenthG , the residence permit of a foreigner lawfully living in Germany expires, e.g. then, when

- the foreigner emigrates for reasons which are not temporary in nature (§ 51 (1), no. 6);

- if the foreigner has left the country and has not returned within six months or a longer period determined by the immigration office (§ 51 (1), no. 7).

In principle, the deadline is interrupted by repeated entries. However, it must be added that it must be ascertained that the person concerned still has his center of life in Germany.
But it is not enough if only one resident in Germany is registered with relatives and actually the person living abroad lives.

Exception from the expiry of the residence permit:

According to § 51 IV AufenthG the alien is granted a longer period than the 6 months, if he wants to leave due to a nature of his temporary reason. (A typical case is a study or work abroad.) In this case, an agreement should be reached before the departure with the foreigners authority for an extension of the deadline.)

To 3)
That does not matter. It is important, as already mentioned, a financial security

I hope I have answered your question comprehensively and I thank you for the confidence you have placed in me. If you have any questions, you can use the free inquiry function.

Best regards

Vicky Neubert

Rechtsanwältin Vicky Neubert, Dipl.-Jur.


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Zweinaundorferstrasse 1
04318 Leipzig
Tel: 015731344210
Tel: 034197475372
Web: http://www.kanzlei-vicky-neubert.de
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