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Forged Semesterticket

15.01.2014 19:00 |
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Beantwortet von

Rechtsanwalt Michael Pilarski

Zusammenfassung: The legal question is referring to the criminal offenses of forgery and fraud by using a forged ticket.


First of all, I apologize for writing in English, my German is not perfect and I want to avoid confusions.

In July 2013 my girlfriend has been caught in a train using a fake semesterticket. She did the forgery herself using, as model, one of my old semestertickets (I am a students and I receive one every semester). The faked ticket remained in the custody of police.

At the end of December she received a letter from the police, with a list of questions, in order to clarify the case. She is accused under the articles 263 Abs 1 StGB and 267 Abs 1 StGB. She answered the questions truthfully, describing how she forged the ticket (using a computer program and printing it), and mentioned that she used as model one of my old semestertickets.

A few days ago I have received a citation from the police. I am asked to go to the police station as witness.

My questions are the following:

1) Should I go to the police or should I write them that I don

-- Einsatz geändert am 15.01.2014 19:10:47

Dear questioner,

thanks for your legal question which I answer as follows:

Generally your girlfriend, as you say, could have committed the criminal offenses of forgery and fraud.

You tell me that your girlfriend used the old semester ticket to create a new one. The ticket represents a document because it contains a statement that is suitable and intended for the proof in legal relations. For it is the legitimacy that allows you to move with the train.

She is also expected to have committed a fraud. By deception with the aid of fake the ticket your girlfriend excited the false impression that she had paid the price for the right to take the train. In this way she obtained a pecuniary advantage by which she was enriched .

Your girlfriend should actually not have made any statement to the police, so that her rights could be perfectly represented. Now she obviously revealed her criminal offense, so that a legal defense ist difficult.

Furthermore there is no obligation to follow that citation of the police. Only a citation from the courts or the public prosecutor you have to obey. If you are not married or engaged with your girlfriend, it is unfortunately not permitted by law to refuse your statement as witness at the courts or the prosecutor.

I hope I could help you. Naturally you can use the unique free demand function if anything is unclear, so that I can clear out this.

Sincere regards

Michael Pilarski

Rückfrage vom Fragesteller 15.01.2014 | 21:07

Dear Mr. Pilarski,

Thank you very much for your answer!

Unfortunately I have deleted a part of the question when editing it. Could you tell me which is the expected punishment for this offence given that neither me or my girlfriend have any criminal record? Also, is it possible that I am accused of complicity given that I have given her my ticket? Which are the consequences in this case?

Thank you!

Antwort auf die Rückfrage vom Anwalt 15.01.2014 | 21:33

Dear questioner,

I answer your demand as follows:

In case of committing fogery or fraud the offender can be punished with a fine or freedom penalty up to five years. For neither you nor your girlfriend are previously convicted the criminal proceedings can often be set or a marginal fine is to pay.

It depends on the circumstances, but a complicity is unprobable in my opinion. Just giving the old tickets to your girlfriend might not be enough to get you punished. But an accusation is possible, so that there will be investigations.

I hope, all you questions are answered.


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